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About Us

We are an innovative startup inspired by the future to create the present. We love technology and automation to simplify and improve the everyday experience.

Strongly linked to the environment, our solutions are eco-sustainable and we are committed to leaving the world cleaner.

A pioneering vision
for the future

We want to be the first company in the world to develop intelligent housing systems that are already pre-assembled and transportable anywhere.  The future will be space, our housing solutions will be the first to be used in terraforming projects.

Per aspera ad astra.

Technology makes the impossible possible

We are not satisfied with the status quo. We push the boundaries of physics and expand the limits of what technology can achieve. As a leader in the digital transformation of the housing industry, we are taking full advantage of collaborative digital tools and model-based systems engineering. We are pushing emerging technology out of the lab and applying it to the real world, delivering unprecedented results for our customers.


Redesigning spaces and fusing technology to achieve environments that meet our needs, that anticipate our needs. Mobility, ease of transport and pre-assembly are elements that characterize our products. Researching new technologies and applying them to our living solutions is one of the fundamental aspects of our research.

Simulazione Capsula OXYGEN

Projects in progress

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What Our Clients Say

Andrea P.


“iSaiSei combines the know-how of top-level professionals with great skills in creating business opportunities and networking. A guarantee of value creation for any company that wants to focus on innovation and sustainability”.

Alberto F.


"The iSaisei team has shown great competence and organisational ability in managing complex projects, offering timely and careful advice".

Giovanni S.

University researcher

“iSaisei, before being a proactive and innovative consulting company, is first and foremost driven by strong ethical and moral values that characterise its way of being and collaborating with suppliers, customers and partners”.

“Doing old things in a new way,

this is innovation”

Joseph Alois Schumpeter

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